A Simpler Christmas

In the last few years, I have downsized my Christmas collectibles quite a bit. As my kids have moved out, I’ve sent a lot of Christmas items with them. And I wanted to change my decorations to a more natural, simpler style.  Less tinsel and more burlap! So after some serious editing of what was left, I’ve started working on the newChristmas decor.

And in keeping with the “simpler” theme, I wanted some handmade things, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune to get the look I wanted. So I started in my craft room, where I was able to find burlap ribbon, some jingle bells, and a roll of sisal.  I also found red, white, and green paint, scrapbook paper, and of course I needed the glue gun and sticks, and Elmer’s glue.  A trip (or 3 ) to the craft store where I got some paper ornaments for 50 cents each, a lot of Christmas picks that were 50 cents each, and a splurge on a 3.00 burlap flower, and some metal hooks for a stocking holder at 1.50 each. I also picked up a cute gift bag and a wooden plaque.  I spent $35.00 total. Next, a stroll through the neighborhood to collect  pinecones, which are free!  I picked up a few more things at Goodwill.  Finally, I ordered the antique cloche, and some barn tin letters from Etsy, for a total of $45.00.  And while that sounds well-planned, it really wasn’t!  I’ve summarized to save space!

I made quite a few of these sisal-wrapped ornaments. These were fairly easy; first coat the paper ornaments in Elmer’s glue and let it dry for a few minutes so the glue is tacky. Then simply wrap the ornament in sisal, and hot glue one of the Christmas picks on top. This would be a good project to do with older children; its quick and doesn’t need exact precision and its kind of messy!  In addition to putting them on the tree, I also put a few in my antique cloche with oversized jingle bells and berries to set on my coffee table.  These ornaments were about $1.25 each.

I found a cute little basket at Goodwill, but the panel on the front was in pretty bad shape. Happily, it was nothing that a pretty scrapbook paper wouldn’t cover. I love the soft colors of this reindeer vintage-y paper. I lightly sprayed some pinecones with gold paint to give a little glimmer, and then added my burlap flower.  It’s just the look I want, and it was so easy, and under $5.00!  This would also be cute in a small galvanized bucket: I’ve seen them at Lowe’s for about $2.00.


This vignette is in also in my kitchen. The old postcandlesticks were an earlier project, and I just added some Christmas picks, jingle bells and ribbon to the pillars. I made the plaque by first painting my wooden plaque from HL a dark red. Then I cut the image from the gift bag I had purchased to fit on the plaque. I used scrapbook paper and stamps to add the NOEL and then used Elmer’s glue to attach the paper to the plaque. Although its propped up now, I went ahead and added a hanger to the back in case I want to hang it up next year.  I love the vintage image, and the little girl carrying a fruit cake is too sweet.  The plaque cost under $5.00 to make.


We recently moved into a new house that doesn’t have a fireplace. What to do with the stockings? I decided to make a “stocking board” with five hooks on it forstockings. (Then my son wanted his, so we are now one short) I used a fairly heavy gauge wire that I could crimp, and some ribbon to add a bow. The wood is a pallet scrap that I simply whitewashed. Total cost was about $8.00

Now this little lovely did take a bit more planning. I ordered the tin letters from JunkFX on Etsy, and attached them to a piece of pallet wood using dowels and glue. A small candle wreath subs as the “O” and is just the perfect size.  The total cost for this was $18.00. This is on the garden shelves on my front porch, along with a clay pot full of pine cones (free).

And of course, we had to decorate the deer. I hope everyone has a very Merry, and beautifully simple, Christmas!

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