A Tiny Table Goes Hollywood Glam

A Tiny Table goes Glam!~theflyingc.net

A Tiny Table goes Glam with Prairie Colors Chalk Finish Paint!This little table is all dressed up in classic black and gold!

But she wasn’t always this pretty. She’d been spray-painted silver a few years ago to go in my daughter’s bedroom. It was a hard few years for a tiny table, and she was covered with nail polish, glue and glitter, scratches and mystery spots, then relegated to a corner of the garage, the once-pristine silver finish a distant memory. Poor little table.

It was time for a makeover.

The scrolling and the detailing  were just begging to be noticed! I really wanted to highlight them, and the style of the scroll shelf made me think of  the Hollywood Regency style. So I decided to go with a dramatic black and gold finish for this little table. And because I’m a junker at heart, I had to add just the teensiest bit of distressing!


The first step was to sand off all the, well, teen stuff, and scratches, dent, dings, etc. I also removed the metal scrolled shelf on the bottom so I could paint it. I kind of liked the silver-over-black distressed look, so I’ve filed that away as a finish to play with in the future.

Prepping a table for paint

I painted the scrollwork shelf first, using a metallic dark gold color by Metal Masters. I love this line of paints, I think it’s the best metallic out there.

Gold finished scrollwork with Metal Masters Paint

This is a brush-on metallic paint that has great leveling properties, and looks awesome when it dries. It’s perfect for the detail work I will be doing for this table.

I used two coats of  a true black to give a smooth satin  finish to the table.


Now, it’s time for the jewelry! I highlighted the details with gold using a couple of different artist’s brushes; a beveled edge angled brush, and a round tip brush. Because it was going over black, it took three coats to get the depth I was looking for.


The next step was to do just a touch of distressing along the edges.  I used an orbital sander to do this, but a sanding block would work just as well.

A Tiny Table goes Glam

Because I have some exposed wood from the distressing, I went ahead and put on a coat of  Black wax  on the table, to tone down the exposed wood.  Now this little lady is all dolled up and ready to go to be re-homed!


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    love this table timeless classic look xx

    1. Thank so much! Stop by again!

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