Repair a Foundation Corner

Fix a Foundation Pop

A Mason I am not. But when my Realtor hubby asked me to help him repair a foundation corner pop, I figured I could probably handle it. A “corner pop” is when the corner of a house’s foundation cracks, and pops off. This isn’t usually a structural issue, but it can cause a few problems. […]

Reupholstering an Office Chair

For me, a big part of living simply is using what you have, rather than just running out to buy something new. Last week, I completely redesigned my workspace. I deconstructed my desk, gave it a  much longer top, and added a shelf to the hutch so I could mount it on the wall. After a few coats of paint […]

Using Bondo to Repair Furniture

Damaged Veneer This is probably the most common problem I deal with when rehabbing old furniture. Somtimes I simply use a heat gun and remove the veneer. Other times, the veneer needs to stay put, usually because it only has a few chips and the rest is in good shape and would hard to remove. […]