Repair a Foundation Corner

Fix a Foundation Pop

A Mason I am not. But when my Realtor hubby asked me to help him repair a foundation corner pop, I figured I could probably handle it. A “corner pop” is when the corner of a house’s foundation cracks, and pops off. This isn’t usually a structural issue, but it can cause a few problems. […]

Reupholstering an Office Chair

For me, a big part of living simply is using what you have, rather than just running out to buy something new. Last week, I completely redesigned my workspace. I deconstructed my desk, gave it a  much longer top, and added a shelf to the hutch so I could mount it on the wall. After a few coats of paint […]

Vintage on the Front Porch

Vintage on the Porch ~ Life lived simply

Our 1940’s Bungalow Porch I spent an entire summer working on the curb appeal of this house. The interior was beautifully redone before we moved in, but all rehab, upgrade, and decorating efforts stopped at the front door. Seriously, even the porch needed help. Below is the front of the house shortly before we moved in. It […]