Creativity and Living Simply

creativity and simple living~

Creativity isn’t just crayons and art brushes. Everyone benefits from creative expression! It is a uniquely human experience, and can help connect us to our inner selves, our kids, our community, or our history. To tap into your artistic spirit is both healthy and fulfilling, regardless of your background or level of expertise. Creativity meshes […]

A Simpler Christmas

In the last few years, I have downsized my Christmas collectibles quite a bit. As my kids have moved out, I’ve sent a lot of Christmas items with them. And I wanted to change my decorations to a more natural, simpler style.  Less tinsel and more burlap! So after some serious editing of what was […]

Make a Custom Stencil

Make a Custom Stencil This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share some of the products I found to make reusable grocery bags. I have been looking for a large stencil of a laurel wreath, to use as a graphic on some canvas grocery bags. Can’t find one to save my soul. […]