How to Clean Up your Facebook Feed

CLean Up Your FB Feedd

Ever heard of Facebook? If you’re reading this, of course you have. Statistically, you spend 40-50 minutes a day on the world largest social media platform.  Is that time spent scrolling through endless memes and people you don’t know? Is the content relevant to you? Exactly. Here’s how to make your Facebook feed easier to browse, and more relevant to  your lifestyle.

Facebook Feed Preferences

Facebook has several tools to help users get the most out of their browsing time.  To get started, go to your  News Feed Preferences.

Clean up your Facebook Feed ~

You will see this popup, with two menu items being very helpful in cleaning up your Facebook feed.  Start by clicking “Prioritize who to see first.” This will give you a listing of your friends and the pages you like. They are arranged with your most actively engaged friends and pages listed first.

Set your FB preferences `

Once you click on the link, you will see all your friends and liked pages. There is a small drop down that offers three choices: all, friends, or pages. In any of these views, click on  what you would like to see first. They will be designated with a blue star. I have selected my family, and a few blogs that I follow.

Seeing on FB first ~

Next,  click on the “Unfollow people to hide their posts” bar.  If you have 3,027 friends, you will probably have to go at this over several sessions.  Now if you are worried that anyone might be upset because you stopped following them, there is a setting for that, too! Go to your Likes, and in the right corner, click on the drop down, then click on  “Edit the Privacy of your Follows” and set it to “Only Me.” You can privatize your  Friends list from here as well.

Facebook Suggestions

Then next step is to deal with the “Suggestions” that appear in your Facebook feed” No, you can’t turn them off, this is part of Facebook’s ad network, but you can get better suggestions.  Right now I am getting suggestions for home meal service and recipe sites. Recently, I have spent a good part of my online time looking for quick meal recipes, so food related ads have appeared.  Since I have no interest at all in home delivery meal service, I can click on “Hide this Ad.” Then at least for a period of time, I won’t see home delivery meal services in my feed.  I also have the option of letting FB know why I don’t want to see this type of ad any longer.

Accurate Facebook Feed ads ~

Ad Preferences

Another way to improve the ads that are served in your Facebook feed is to update your Ad Preferences.  Go to Settings>Ads> and then click the blue butting that reads “Ad Preferences.” You will see a listing of your interests, which plays a part in the ad content you see in your feed.

Edit your interests ~ theflyingc.netIf you really want to befuddle Facebook’s ad engine (and others, besides), you can set your browser’s default to private browsing.  This will make your browsing history untrackable. This will not eliminate ads, but may provide you with a little peace of mind about being online.


The last setting to consider is your Notifications. If you want to control your social media, turn on the notifications that are important to you, and turn off the ones that are not. The best time saving measure available on Facebook is the ability to turn Notifications OFF.  Then you can surf Facebook when you want to, instead of when your phone tells you to.

Turn off Facebook Notifications ~

So there ya go. Facebook doesn’t make it quick & easy to control your feed, but they do make it possible. By investing a little time, you can use Facebook to keep up with the people and interests that are important to you, without all the extra stuff getting in the way.