Creativity and Living Simply

creativity and simple living~

Creativity isn’t just crayons and art brushes. Everyone benefits from creative expression! It is a uniquely human experience, and can help connect us to our inner selves, our kids, our community, or our history. To tap into your artistic spirit is both healthy and fulfilling, regardless of your background or level of expertise. Creativity meshes beautifully with a simple life. Indeed, simple living requires it in ways a more “conventional” lifestyle does not.

Everyday Creativity

Creativity encompasses much of simple living, in almost everything we do. We get creative with our food by meal Creative Cookingplanning, developing new recipes, and shopping for real food that is healthy and cost-conscious. We build traditions around creativity with homemade gifts and decorations. We make our own soaps and candles, sew, or crochet. Even more mundane life is filled with opportunities to exercise creativity.  It may be fixing and repairing things around the house, organizing the pantry, or managing a budget to meet specific goals.

Using Creativity

When we actively engage in creative thinking, simple living becomes less about sacrifice and more about living fully engaged lives in the most sustainable and elegant way possible. By overcoming problems and circumstances, we can do more of what we love in a simple, graceful, and joyful way.

How Simple Living Encourages CreativitySometimes doing so involves letting go of what we don’t want. Sometimes it involves goal setting or problem solving as a means of obtaining what we truly want. But most of the time, faced with the power of creating, problems tend to resolve and fade away.

In so many aspects of simple living you will find a little creativity goes a long, long way. We humbly offer you a collection of creative and DIY projects, tips, and inspirations with the hope that you will take on your next project with confidence and a happy heart! Please take a few moments to browse our many projects and rev up your right-brained thinking!