Making Space for Me

Making Space for Me

When I finally realized that what my life needed was less stuff and busy-ness, and some time and space for me and my family, I was not in a position to just wake up the next day to a totally different way of living. Right now, DH and I  are in an in-between phase, changing from […]

Simplify Food with Meal Planning

The Simple Approach to Meals When  people hear the terms “simple living” or “minimalism” I’m fairly certain that grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking aren’t the first things that pop into their minds. But we spend a significant amount of time on these activities. So it makes sense to use a minimalist approach to this integral part of […]

Reupholstering an Office Chair

For me, a big part of living simply is using what you have, rather than just running out to buy something new. Last week, I completely redesigned my workspace. I deconstructed my desk, gave it a  much longer top, and added a shelf to the hutch so I could mount it on the wall. After a few coats of paint […]

The Myth of the Two Car Family

Myth of the Two Car Family ~

A few months ago, My 2002 Avalanche suffered a fatal mechanical failure; the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the truck so it’s not getting fixed. We are putting our last child through college, and simply can’t justify going out and buying another one. Initially hubby and I were discussing how we could accomplish just […]