A Paper Wreath from Old Hymnals

WREATH PINToday, I decided to start making some wreaths for Fall Holidays and Christmas. “Christmas!” you say. Yup, the cooler weather that moved in this last week reminded me that Fall is on its way, with holidays not too far behind! Time to get busy!

I’ve been waiting all year to make some of these paper wreaths. I’ve loved them since they first showed up on Pinterest, and I wish I could track back to the originator and give credit where credit is due cuz they are super-cute.  The main thing holding me back was a lack of music paper. Well, at an online auction a few weeks ago, I hit paydirt and bought four Baptist Hymnal from the 1960s.  Finally, I had the sheet music, in the right size to make some of these wreaths.

So I dashed off to Hob Lob and bought some straw wreaths and a whole lot of glue sticks. And they have been just waiting for me to get to them.

I have to say, I was a little reluctant to pull the hymals apart. First, I’m a book lover, and these are fairly old books, with even older songs in them. Secondly, I think I half expected my old pastor to show up and slap my hand if I really started tearing these up. Sometimes, its hard to overcome your raising. But today, it’s time to bite the bullet and get these started.

The hymnal proved to be super easy to take apart; the glue was basically powder, and the stitching just pulled right out. I set aside the Christmas songs to be used on the top layer of the wreath. They aren’t really that visible, but it’s kinda cool to know that if I look for Christmas songs on this wreath, they are there!


Making the Wreath

After I pulled out about 100 pages, I then folded the bottom portion of the page up to make  a square. I just left the folded part on the page, but if you’re a perfectionist, I suppose I could have cut them. Folding is faster, I think, so that’s the way I decided to go. I made sure I kept the frayed edge to the left while I was folding, so it would be covered up in the final wreath.

Folding hymnal pages for a wreath


When all the pages were folded, I then make the cones by folding the bottom edge to the left edge. I then put two small dots of hot glue along the edge to hold the cone. Three blisters in, I switched to my low-temper glue gun because the pages were really thin!

folding pages for the paper wreath


After I had made about 30 cones, it was time to glue the first (back) layer on the wreath on. I glued them on so that the widest parts of the cones were touching, and the points were more or less the same distance from the straw form.  The straw proved a little bit difficult to glue to, so I had to hold each cone until the glue cooled.

Glue on the first laer


After I had the first layer, it was back to making cones, and I just finished up the whole pile. I think I ended up using 29-30 cones per layer, but the number will vary with the size of the wreath form. The second layer went on the top of the form. I tried to get the poin of each cone to align with the space between the cones on the bottom layer.


When I started to put on the final (top) layer, I realized that part of the wreath form was going to show, so I lined the inside of the wreath with torn pages before putting on the final layer. Next time, I will do this before the second layer, I think.


I forgot to mention that when gluing the second and third layers, I had to glue at the tip of the cone, and then about 1/3 of the way up the cone, so they would lie flat on the wreath form. Finally, I looked over the wreath and if there were any spaces or gaps, I glued the cones together so it would look nice and full.



Although the process was a bit tedious, it wasn’t difficult, and I had all the cones made and glued on the form in about 90 minutes. The final step is to glue a ribbon loop around the wreath to hang in with. I used burlap and some red and white toweling fabric I have. I plan on adding some Christmas greenery to the top of the ribbon, as soon as it shows up at Hobby Lobby :p.  But here is the wreath and ribbon, all finished! Right now it’s hanging on my tobacco-drying rack, and will likely stay there until I have a chance to go get some storage bins big enough to put it in!

DSC_0025Although, I kind of like it hanging on my iron almost-window frames, too. But then I would need a second wreath, cuz I have two of these in my living room.  Actually, I like the idea of two Christmas wreaths….



Then, because Christmas really is five months away, I decided to add a Fall sort of bow to this wreath so I could go ahead and hang it up and enjoy it for a while.  I like the little bird, and the key.


And since I’ve only made one so far, I’ve hung it on the tobacco rack in my dining room for now.


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