Porch Post Candlesticks

This was a really quick project, and just goes to show that not every DIY project has to be complicated or challenging to get a stunning result!  I just love these porch post candlesticks, and I made them in about an hour. On a recent junking trip, I got a huge box of spindles and posts, and this particular post was so worn out I was reluctant to use it for anything structural, but I really like the texture, the color, the old nails still in the post. So, I had to do something with them!

Sawn porch posts

The first step was to cut the post is half. I used a chop saw to do this so I would be sure to get the cut straight. Otherwise, the candlestick would list to one side!

Add a top diskThen I painted an inexpensive wooden disc from Hobby Lobby a sort of grayish brown to match the wood, and screwed it to the post. I also glued it so it would stay put, since the pillar candle will sit on this. In hindsight, I probably needed to put one on the bottom, too, to add some stability to the candlestick. But where I have them displayed, they are not likely to fall over, so probably will do it if I ever decide to move them.

And I was done! I had some vanilla pillars, but when I put them on the pillars, I decided they needed a little dressing up.

The ornament is actually a necklace I picked up at the dollar jewelry store when I was there with my daughter.  I like the contrast of the sparkle against the rough texture of the candlesticks. This project was not only quick, it was cheap; $4 for the candles and necklaces, and about $3 for the two wooden discs. The spindle lot was $10.  I love them, they are my new favorite kitchen pretties.


To make a similar set of candlesticks, you can use these supplies from my favorite store on the planet, Amazon.com.

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