Simple Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

7 things to toss for an uncluttered kitchen

     I7 things to toss for an uncluttered kitchen‘m on a quest for a life lived simply.

As a start, I chose to go through the clutter in our house, and decide if it really has value in our lives.  For an astounding amount of stuff, the answer has been “NO.” Therefore, it’s been hauled out of the house and donated, given away, or thrown away. Today, I tackled the kitchen; I’d been avoiding it, because there was a whole lot there to declutter.

7 Things I Tossed for an Uncluttered Kitchen

1.  Coffee Cups. Almost 10 years ago, I bought new dishes; a service for 24. Probably a bit overboard, but there ya go. A  set of 24 dishes, means 24 coffee cups. Further, I used to collect coffee mugs, and we’ve picked up some promotional ones, too. There were 37 coffee cups in my cupboard. For two people.  I kept 6 coffee cups, and 2 mugs. Serious bang for the buck on this one, it emptied out an entire cabinet!

2. Extra dishes. Over the years, dishes have broken or dissappeared, but I still had service for 10, with a few extras of this or that. I also had two sets of China; my grandmother’s, and my husband’s grandmother’s.  I’ve carried this China from place to place for over 20 years. I can recall using it twice.  I gave one set to my daughter, who loves all things vintage, to use as her regular dishes. I called my sister-in-law and asked if she wanted her grandmother’s china, and she did. Another two full cupboards emptied. Beautiful.

Declutter your kitchen

3. Promotional and seasonal cups, dishes, etc.  I decided that Christmas cocoa tastes the same out of a regular mug, so I packed up the Christmas-themed mugs and dishes. I also tossed all the promotional cups while I was at it.

Declutter your kitchen4. Extra Utensils.  I’m not sure even a chef needs 5 spatulas. I certainly don’t, I hate to cook. There was a lot more extras as well; things I had forgotten about, and hadn’t used in a long, long time. I kept what we use all the time, which includes a grill spatula, tongs, and metal skewers in another drawer. Drawer declutter done.

5. Mismatched Tupperware. You know what I mean, bowls with no lids, lids with no bowls. Sizes that came with a set, but are so small they wouldn’t hold an olive. (Who uses those?!) I also donated some plastic serving ware that I had gotten for a party who-knows-when, and had completely forgotten about.

6. Extra mixing bowls, serving bowls, etc. I have one mixing bowl I use all the time. It’s a graduated Pyrex bowl with a handle, and it’s my go to. So I kept one other, for the rare occasion when I am cooking for a larger group. I also kept the turkey platter, and 4 serving dishes. All else was donated.

7. Pots or pans that are not in good condition. I had two skillets, both of which were no longer non-stick and warped enough that only one side would actually make contact with the burner.  Pans that were rusted.  Extra cookie sheets and pizza pans.  I can still  cook, but kept nothing  I’m not using. I also replaced the skillets. One of the “rules” I have for living with less is to make sure that what we do have is in good condition.

As a final tally, this is what I was able to donate:

Declutter your kitchen Declutter your kitchen

This is what I kept, along with about the same amount of pots & pans, and Tupperware:

Declutter your kitchen

The best thing is that I was able to move everything up into the upper cupboards, so no more digging around in the  bottom cabinets for things. I’m really happy with the decluttering process so far, and how much better the house looks as I continue to pare down. It literally feels like a weight’s been lifted from my shoulders. So much less cleaning, so much less to dig through when I need to find somethings.

I realize not everyone wants to go minimal. But as you move around your home, take a moment to really look at what’s around you. If you don’t love it, or don’t need it, or have 10 of it, it’s possible you could declutter a bit and let it go. If you donate these items, the added bonus is that you get to help someone else.

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  1. I love it that you got rid of enough items so that you don’t have to use the lower cabinets. I don’t like using the lower cabinets. Well done!

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