Using Bondo to Repair Furniture

Damaged Veneer This is probably the most common problem I deal with when rehabbing old furniture. Somtimes I simply use a heat gun and remove the veneer. Other times, the veneer needs to stay put, usually because it only has a few chips and the rest is in good shape and would hard to remove. […]

A Knock-down Table Hack

Assembling the knock-down table I was given several items when a friend cleaned out their storage unit, including a small knock-down table. So here it is, all disassembled, no instructions to be found.  I figured it just can’t be that hard, it’s essentially a box with legs. I managed to get it together with only […]

Restoring a Vintage Dresser

Renewed vintage dresser This dresser only looks like a simple project!  It is really a testament to just how much work it can take to renew a great piece of vintage furniture. And this is truly vintage furniture, a label on the inside of the fram said it was made in the 1940’s. Getting this piece back to respectability […]